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The Elle Flute Trio

The ELLE FLUTE TRIO brings together professional talents from Seattle and the Eastside to form a unique ensemble that features diversity in flute trio repertoire.

Members Lisa Hedley and Lisa Hirayama
play many of the different flutes in the flute family, offering a variety of voices to
the ensemble, while Linda Sebenius lends her composing skills to create arrangements tailored to the group's menagerie of flutes.

Upcoming performances! 

Saturday, June 2, 11:00am, Redmond/Carnation:
Come see and hear the many different members of the flute family! We will perform on 11 different sizes of flutes, from the smallest piccolo down to the contrabass flute. Music from Japan, Ireland, France and more. Enjoy the many different sounds of the Elle Flute Trio at The Barn at Herons Roost.
$10 suggested donation.

Book us for your event:

In addition to our public performances, we are available to provide music for church services, weddings, private parties, and other special occasions.

Because of our extensive flute collection, we also specialize in educational presentations where we can visit your school or studio to demonstrate the members of the flute family.

To contact us, send e-mail to info@elleflute.com.

Here's what people have said about us:

"Amazing music, and played with such precision and beauty."

"That was truly one of the most enjoyable concerts I've attended. All the different flutes make for a great program."

"The different flutes played together were stunning. I never realized there was such a variety."

"Outstanding musical performances. Linda's thoughtful arrangements give a new and intriguing sound to many an old chestnut from the flute repertoire. Bravo all!"

"Your trios are SUPERB! Your arrangements have captured all of the essence and spirit of the pieces you chose and are so smooth and simple and tasteful. And your ensemble members are all so perfectly balanced and blended."

Hear our performances...

 Photo courtesy of David Bailey, 2013

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